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You\'re My One by: UNEXPECTED

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Never thought I\'d end up like this,
Lyin awake for a good night kiss,
Tossin n turnin n lyin all alone,
With a country song thats playing on my phone
Hell I didnt think I\'d end up like this...
    ..My thoughts runnin deep,
When m thinkin bout you n me,
To all the good times we shared,
Wish you didnt stop, but still cared,
Spendin these nights out cryin,
Baby I\'m left here dying,
I promise Id never stop trying,
No matter how lats its though,
I\'d always be here waiting for you,
..Yeah! Baby its true I can\'t live without you....
 You don\'t know
how much I miss you..
Livin each day
as it comes by,
functioning in all my tasks
smiling when needed,
even laughing at times
but inside emptiness has a new meaning,
each minute seems like an hour
each hour seems like a day
     What makes this time bearable
are my thoughts of you and
knowing that I will
be with you soon....
   ..Forever as yours

31 07 16 - 12:19:15


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You\'re My One : Recent Comments

- lipsy

soo nyc swt awesome quotes for lve dr.congrdltn frnd.

13 11 20-18:25:33

- Helohelo

(wow) love love love love it talks about but loved loved loved loved reading it too!

31 07 16-10:51:41

- GAb3_

Wow!!! Amazing blog hon... wish i could write like that.... the feelin is so intense... you re gifted... that that is an awesome blog!! (hearts)

31 07 16-00:28:14


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