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Being HAPPY its not all about what u take nor receive; also what you offer and to give.
Being HAPPY its not all about happiest bonding together;
.... it also how you showing sympathy in times of sorrow to one another.
Being HAPPY its not about choosing gender whom to be friend;
....its matter person itself.

FRIENDSHIP its not all about of your similiraties;
....its how you connect each other differences.
FRIENDSHIP its not all about laughing moment; also crying each other once got hurt.
FRIENDSHIP so broad to explain;
...yet every moment spend each other will always remain.

A Special DAY for us
Whatever or Whoever you are
Introvert or Extrovert
I do believe you have so called friends to celebrate with
Even some passed away still we owe to greet them silently and heartly
Simply because only thier body presence been gone
....the bonding been spent together will always remain in our heart.
Actually even ordinary day still keep in touch people whom close to our life journey
Thats why friendship do exist


07 08 16 - 10:35:23


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- Princess_SeLeNe

Happy friendship day siso(bighug) sorry for late greet as you say friendship has no specific day and date to celebrate so I will greet u always a happy friendship day (fkiss)

08 08 16-14:06:47

- Dazzling_Diva

Happy friendship day nicole sissu...n to each and evry frn of mine on rc...and to them also who r nt my frns(coz evn u have frnz hehe(hehe)..) God bless u all..(grouphug).

07 08 16-23:52:06

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

No need to delete .as all are welcome to comment/ to express rather:)Have a great time anyway:)

07 08 16-13:16:59

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Yes all are free to well as so free with meaningful clarification:)

07 08 16-12:57:59

- MortalMan

Nicely written and you\'re very true with this context.

07 08 16-12:07:26

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

If u knew it well ..thats better...about other Filipinos view ,thats not our concern....silent best to show respect, as each one of us has different point view:)

07 08 16-11:54:13

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Yes theres none celebration here in Philippines... But does it really needed to celebrate just to show the essence???... For giving value simply thyself which I must say is enough:)
No need to go everywhere...everything starts from ourselves:)
Specially as part of RC member its enough to celebrate and greet to one another...nevertheless places u came from nor culture... No need specific places to celebrate... Friendship is in everywhere:)

07 08 16-11:52:29

- Pi-RAtE

Happy friendship day Nicole;) Very best blog on this Special Occasion;p This is Your Special Way of Writing than Anybody;)

07 08 16-11:01:17

- ViHaN

Happyyyyyyyyyyyy Friendshippppp day to you too. (hug)

07 08 16-10:50:07


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