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The Heights of Laziness! by: MK__

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We`re all lazy at some part of our lives! But yeah, sometimes its way beyond the limit! Check it out yourselves: 1. Lazy to even brush ur teeth! I mean seriously!! U can spoil ur entire 32!( I curse u to have those blacked out teeths soon,lol!) (amazed)
2. Lazy to wash ur undies! This is the nastiest one! Even u wear those dirty undergarments again n again!( U dont need a doctor, u need a kick to ur behind by Hades himself!) (tuzki-kick)
3. Lazy to cook ur food! U can even die!( Honestly I dont care, a burden relieved from Mother earth,lol!) (whuh)
4. Lazy to clean ur room! U`re only inviting those nasty lizards,rats, and all those creepy crawlers! (I admit! I`m lazy to clean it too!) (hehehe)
5. Lazy to even type! This, my friend, is the absurd laziness ever observed!( Now even Hades cant save u!) (damn2)
(evilaugh) So those are the lazy crazy thing that people do oftently and through this blog I wanted to encourage them to overcome all those laziness! (sadyeyes) Yeah! Its a serious blog and was not meant to make you laugh, so stop laughing! (scolding) Any suggestions or comments are cordially invited! (hehe) Now dont be too lazy and rate it! (come-on)

15 08 16 - 07:15:04


Rate: 3.8571428571429 - Points: 27

The Heights of Laziness! : Recent Comments

- simplechick

Hmm.. 3,4,5.. maybe at some point in time.. but the brushing teeth and not washing undies?? Seriously?? Uffff!.. Did something just died in there? What the heck is that smell?? (roflol)

25 08 17-00:56:18

- MuzdalifaH

Lol nice blog lol but non of these are my part at all lol but i strongly agree we are seriously lazy at some things ... Nice blog

18 02 17-16:23:00

- Harley_

I admit I share the messy room habit with you, but as for the other, I am found innocent, hhehe! (ras)

01 11 16-02:18:30

- xOxO-sTaR

hahaha (ras) wait wait, cant stop laughing.. Nice one dude! (up)

17 08 16-17:39:12

- Resilient

I\'m encouraging you to overcome those laziness (lol7) Funny blog!

16 08 16-18:35:26

- AarZuN

3 4 5 Are mY thInG i dNt Do it alWays bt m0st of TiMe:p

16 08 16-17:51:12

- creed

Strangely I do not fit in among any of these criteria. And I always thought that I was lazy :p

16 08 16-07:59:59

- crazytipz01

Did i jus rate u 1 point?(ppthinking) jus add more 9points on it!(ras) i got so lazy clicking on 10(haha)..ohh well done n well said..but nah ah..never happens to me except on option 3 n 5(ras) junkiies on the way...n of course..typos n short cuts!(haha)

16 08 16-04:02:59


hahaha,hmmm huh lazy to brush nd wash your undies damn,that person must be a dirty pig(yes),nice blog,saving my double slaps for another day(up)

15 08 16-23:28:59

- Tiger_Warrior

I will admit i am lazy to clean my room and take care of my teeth because im allergic to mint.

15 08 16-19:29:46


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