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5 Reasons To Say I Love You! by: MK__

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This blog is rather personal and most of you might not get it! But there`s this one person who might wanna read this!(tehe) So here we go:
1.I Love you! For being with me when I was alone! (I was really a sick lil loner before I met u!)(amazed) 2.I love you! For listinging to me when my voice were unheard! (People usually acted deaf back then)(dnwh) 3.I Love you! For accepting me the way I look!(I admit! I look like those pirates of the carrabian) (damnit) 4.I Love you! For cheering me up when I felt low! (I was like a sinking Titanic! Without the titanic ofcourse) (damn2) 5.I Love you! For making me believe that love exists!(U still gotta be patient with that first kiss) (tongue) I hope you now know how I feel for you! So stop searching for my dang hammer and think about me instead! (scolding) And people, if you do get an idea of this blog, share your love for ur loved ones in the comments below! (vee)

17 08 16 - 09:14:36


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5 Reasons To Say I Love You! : Recent Comments

- AmY_-

Nice blog!! It expressed your deep admiration nd respect for the girl you love nd appreciating her for being with you. Most men fail to do what you have just done through this blog. (up)

08 12 20-13:16:11

- MuzdalifaH

Nice blog i hope when she had read it she had surly feel in depth of you love .... (heart) good going

18 02 17-16:14:34

- QueenOfHisheart

Oh really a heart touching and overwelming blog. (up).very nice !!

27 08 16-22:44:46

- caffeinated

i appreciate it bud...totally. :P i promise i will get your brain back to you someday.... nice blog anyway i got it :P n my endless love for my guitar still continues

19 08 16-22:32:18


nice one MK (tup) Keep writing !!! For me der s no reason to love someone:p love is love!!!

17 08 16-23:43:06

- kelly

Its romantic, im lovin myself right now bette this way. I can see why Hexa loves it soo much. :)

17 08 16-21:55:22


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