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Happiness comes now and then
We cant be sure just when
Because happiness has such power
Joy to you it will bring
Even make someone else sing
When peace of mind happiness can it show
Making you and other glow
Feel it and make it last
Forget the troubles of the past
Spending time with others
who we love and deeply care
It\'s these simple
moments in time
every day we\'d love to share
 Happiness is processed
a million times inside each mind
The secret is no secret
just be positive and kind
 This feeling that we seek
does not depend on age
We truly hope it follows us
as we turn another page.

22 09 16 - 03:36:05


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HAPPinESS : Recent Comments

- Helohelo

Happiness is so fickle yet a strong thing! Hw good you described it(wow)

01 10 16-06:45:31

- Pi-RAtE

Nice blog to read Venus:) Happiness is What When we read your blog ;p Inspiring and Motivated :)

23 09 16-20:50:09

- freemind

its really wonderfull frd, u have explained whts real happiness is n hw can v achieve happiness. really its true happiness is not elsewhere its inside us. super.

23 09 16-11:10:07


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