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Fly High Lil Butterfly! ! by: LeandrA_VeNus

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The caterpillar in the tree
Never knows what he will ever be
Always stuck on its own pace
With so many hardships to face
The nasty birds will give the evil stare
Or tear up the leaves may,a mare
Deep down youll feel this aint fair
 to confront it, you will always dare.
Then when it feels it\'s all over
In the cocoon itself it will cover
And as he  falls in the deep sound sleep
As he rests, his dreams he will keep
to his surprise, as he awakes 
Two beautiful wings,on either side
No longer was he  ,  the old slimy worm
ut into a butterfly he had transformed
Never did he wonder who  hed ever be
But he never lost hope, nor stopped to dream
And the result of it was extreme
All because of his never ending will
Now he is the prettiest creature
And as  he flies in the  wide blue sky
There comes a little girl who looks at it
And say with a big  smile
Fly high, lil butterfly! !

24 10 16 - 10:56:10


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Fly High Lil Butterfly! ! : Recent Comments


Hardshps shape u into being better...
To B loved by al One has to be thru a lot of hurt...
D same z rflctd by the metamorphosis

06 02 17-14:41:24

- lostmoon

The metamorphosis of a butterfly is such a magic..I tried rearing butterflies once..but failed..

19 12 16-13:15:14

- K1M_Shy3_0Rt1Z_

What a LoVelY Blog siso ! Nicely written ! (toohappy) Maybe one day we can Fly together with butterfly wings (swtmem) Then i will arrange someone to write a blog abt us too (yesh)

26 10 16-10:17:03


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