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Our careEr is 0ur lifE!!!!! by: UNEXPECTED

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Like  the number of apples contained in an apple seed,
Each opportunity we size holds an untold number of
Do we ever ponder?
Am I interested in it?
Do I have the ability to do it?
__the world is not so wide that we are not able to find our own abilities and interest,
But instead,its developing so fast
That we are Just not able to keep peace with it
Each  of us is a miracle,a unique life created by God.
Then why do we want to be a copy of someone else when we are already an original ?
When we choose our career we should look upon it as our  life
We choose our life through them.
No career is superior to the other,only of we make it a successful one.
Dream big and think big to be big!!
So it  is not only the choice of career but our likings towards it.
Wht is life made up of? It is made up of time.
We think that it was today when it had already become  yesterday, it was tomorrow when it had already become today.
This is what life is all about.
Dreams is a spark of career today Fan it into a fire so that u can be a sparkling light to the nation.
Grow up with your dreams, move on and trim them and see the change in your life.
Life is in your hands - change it- mould it,-glow it and lighten it with your love and move forward. Your career is watching you.
May you be a nurse or a doctor __just remember
--A worker or an engineer __it is you who can change yourself
A servant or a master__and make a reality of it
A waiter or a chef __coz the life is yours
A clerk or an officer__live it and make your career.

09 11 16 - 12:34:19


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Our careEr is 0ur lifE!!!!! : Recent Comments

- Crepe

This is quite a nice blog. This should be read by everybody. Everything is here in our hands. We just have to learn when to use it. Be the person we should be and build the career we dream of having. Thanks for the positivity of this blog. (thumbsup)

28 05 17-12:07:10


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