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!!..A silent Prayer for our Future..!! by: K1M_Shy3_0Rt1Z_

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As usual i stepped in here..
Thought it could be the daily routine..
I was Jumping here and there..
But something clicked in my inbox..
Thought something as usual..
But it was Unexpected unusual..
When i clicked your Name in my inbox..
Thought you would be the same person..
But as days passed by..
Something had clicked in here.. (heart)
Thought it was just a simple emotion..
But it was a Strong Feeling..
Didnt know much about you..
but i didnt cared anymore..
Few days passed by..
I was debating in here.. (heart)
To tell You that or Not..
and finally My prayers were heard..
I caught you looking for someone..
I wasnt able to hold it on anymore..
I just Took a step forward..
and am greatful for doing that..
`Cause You Finally became Mine..
My happiness was Beyond limits..
Together we were Content..
But again something unexpected happened..
I left You In the Dark..
`Cause of My EviL past..
You were My Sunshine..
But They Came and Took you away from me..
Rumours were spread that am seeing someone..
But they didnt know what i have been through..
As few days passed away..
You believed whatever they said..
And u called me names which i wasnt expected..
Yes i never fought back for you..
Thought i deserved it for leaving u Long back..
Then again you approached me..
This time with full of that feeling which i have been craving for.. that is love..
You stood my side since then..
and Am forvever greatful for that..
You asked me to open up for you..
But i cant seem to tell you at the moment..
We want to be together like before..
But we both know its not possible now..
We can only Hope for the future ahead us..
Yes, am still praying to be yours again..
Wish my prayer once again come true..

20 11 16 - 09:20:50


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!!..A silent Prayer for our Future..!! : Recent Comments

- Crepe

I am so happy to visit your profile and check if you have a blog. I am so fond of reading blogs and I am so happy to find yours. You have so much talent in writing my Sensei. You always amazed me again and again. I am so touch with your blog honestly as if I was actually reading my story. Keep writing your mind and feelings sensei. You never knew how many people look up to you as inspiration. This is really a nice blog.(winkygirl)

07 04 17-22:37:35

- MuzdalifaH

Really nice so imperresive you have that X factor great (vee)

13 03 17-18:32:49

- xOxO-sTaR

sisso (bunnylove) i superr love your words, Awsome..!!

22 11 16-18:01:12

- NuttY_MuffiN

XotU haS wriitEn a bLog____
aww (hug)
lovEd it____
Do writE morE (smile)

22 11 16-01:21:48

- LeandrA_VeNus

Awsome writing sis impressive! ! Lucky guy afta reading he will surely blush (blushing)

20 11 16-22:14:51

- MK__

Disclaimer : No boys were hurt during the course of this blog! Any resemblance is not a coincidence.....

20 11 16-21:30:43


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