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!!..Sorry For being Your Disappointment..!! by: Nyx__

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Nine Months of being held in your womb..
Then i came out and cried for everything..
Thought it was very Casual to cry when i was tiny..
But Girl, was i Wrong..!
it continued on and On untill This Day..
Now i wonder why was i born in the first place..
You say Iam disgraceful to our family..
Iam the btch cries for everything..
Shouts for Anything..
But dont you also know that..
Your words are the only ones whoz making me cry..
Is it because i was given birth as a Girl.?
I wake up every morning..
Only to hear your curses..
Iam being cursed by you since the day i was born..
When will you stop this all Drama.?
They say iam the strong headed girl and fearless..
But Little bit they know that..
There is a scared girl hiding beneath this curtains..
I may not be a perfect daughter..
who gets A grades, And Be Polite..
But Iam YOUR daughter..
Why cant you acknowledge this fact.?
When you know it was me a girl going to come into this world..
Why didnt you thrown me away in the garbage.?
I would have begging in the streets happily..
Or rather died without any Care in this world..
But No, You have to remind me how ungreatful iam every passing day..
That am Not worth anything in this world..
They say, Momma^s blessings and wishes will alwyz come true..
Then why do i only hear only those curses hitting on me..
Are those all filthy things u said to me will come true.?
Yes iam afraid that my life is going to be miserable..
My all Hopes are vanishing into thin air day by day..
When i Even dont do any mistake at all..
You still blame me as a victim behind it..
Is it because iam born as a girl.?
You say, Why cant i be like other daughters..
But you dont know how am craving to gain ur Love..
if i act like all those girls..
what would be the difference between them and Me.?
I tried To be the perfect daughter u alwyz want..
But it didn^t feel right anymore..
I know you wont accept me for my flaws..
So its only a matter of fact before i leave..
I dont know where would i go..
To Achieve my Dream thats calling me..
OR The heaven which wants to give the freedom and Peace..
And Both seem like happiness to me..
Cause I will be Finally Going Away from You..
Just Dont Forget that..
I still Love You And Alwyz will Mumma..
P.S :- Please Dont judge this blog in a negative way.. Because u dont know anything untill you gone through this feeling... (smile) ThankYou !!

24 11 16 - 02:25:27


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!!..Sorry For being Your Disappointment..!! : Recent Comments

- far-away

Dear Girl, you are the second class citizen of our male dominated world. You have been treated to make you prepared to face the second class citizenship when you are out from the shelter... you have to shape yourself to become a marketable commodity ... thats all

09 06 18-18:25:49

- Crepe

I love you more and more. I know my comments kinda late, but I will read all your blogs. Those feelings and emotions made you more genuine to me. Dont ever forgot that you know yourself than everybody and you always have the right to feel that way. I love you to the moon and back. (bunnylove)

07 04 17-22:43:29

- MuzdalifaH

Nice sis ... I hope she will understand it because she lobes you a way you love her :)

13 03 17-18:31:21

- kingfkashmir

Wow wat a way to express all is best

29 01 17-14:02:00

- MK__

Short of words! Still u know a lil guy is always waiting (ohoh)

24 11 16-17:52:06


Twinsie, that brought goosebumps all over me. Who says youre ungrateful? Damn, Ive never had a twin such perfect like you. (pat)
ps: Im your twin, I feel the same. :(

24 11 16-16:57:58

- kelly

I cant find d words . But its d best blog here (bighug)

24 11 16-16:36:41


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