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TransfOrming to a bEttEr mE by: PixeL_RaiN

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So i am a lazY bonE
I nEvEr hElp ma mOm in thE kitchEn
I am not saYin thiS bEcausE i am prOud
Infact i rEgrEt for bEing a piEcE of shit
I alwaYs havE this wEird thought that jUst because i am a girL why should i do this.
Why should brothErs havE all thE fun
So i waS stubborn not to do anYthing
But onE part of mE saYs dnt be an idiot
Be a ladY and do something
Rather than finding logic in Everything
And this is a promisE
That i will changE
That i will bE a diffErEnt
Person that no onE has Ever seen.

26 11 16 - 06:57:45


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