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LovE isn\'t a gamE by: PixeL_RaiN

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What\'s thE point in saYing i love you thE very momEnt you see a girL?
What\'s thE nEEd for finding out lovE even when u know wont get it from here?
TruE lovE doesnt exist
Lust just rEmains.
U maY sEEm lonEly
But trUst mE, a gOod music will sOothEn u morE than a sO callEd lovEr
SaY no to draMas and plaYs
ThE onE that you arE waiting for will comE to u at thE end!
All u havE to do is just bE patiEnt
And bE postivE!

26 11 16 - 07:06:04


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- Helohelo

Yes... To the guys who keeps saying things for fun. So many crazy ones. Learn something. Nice one(up)

27 03 17-06:19:52


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