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My Life _ Not at All Boring ... by: UNEXPECTED

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My life is not boaring
That\'s All I talk every  day
My friends tell me I sound low
And I\'ve lost my happy glow
I don\'t know how things have changed very fast
I used so happy in the past
I used to alwys laugh  and play
Coz I believe that was the only way
I don\'t have any reason to sit and cry
But still work I don\'t know why ?
I don\'t think my life is a mess
So why should I stop giving my best?
As long as I have the love of my frnds  and family
That\'s enough to live happily
At the end of the day I kneel and pray
And thank God fo his beautiful  day !

26 11 16 - 09:07:42


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My Life _ Not at All Boring ... : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

nice blog yeah its so true what ever mess is going in our life after all problems and tensions and troubles at end of day we thnx to Almighty for this life and for another day nice words nice ..

05 05 17-00:44:00


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