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WonderMom by: Resilient

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The moment that she held my hand,
A joyful feeling comes rushing through my veins.
She is the Wonderwoman of my life, (fairymother2)
Someone who brings me to life. (momybaby)
I am so blessed for your loving heart
The luckiest for your caring touch
So wonderful for feeling the gift of love
A love that goes even at the deepest of the sea. (fairymother)
That loving kisses and embraces (momybabylov)
Your sweet chocolate voice that still lingers.
You left but still feel those embraces,
Though the sweetness may fade, you\'re always be my WONDERMOM. (momy-daughter)

26 11 16 - 09:09:12


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- lostmoon

Let that sweetness stay with you forever queen..nice work.

27 12 16-17:25:15


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