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SEcond lifE by: PixeL_RaiN

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I am girL.
PurE girL.
But if thErE is a sEcond lifE, and if i am givEn a chancE to chOosE what i want to bEcomE, thEn i will pick to bE a bOy.
YEah i always wOndErEd hOw it is to livE a boY\'s lifE.
I even wishEd to bE born aS a boY.
I curSE somEtimEs mYselF for bEing a girL.
For bEing a wEak girL.
If i wErE boY, i wOuld havE roam arOund everYwEr in bikEs in latE nightS__
I will flirt with randOm girLs and wiLL lovE a girL with truE hEart.
If i wErE a boY i wouLd plaY fOotbaLL in rain__
I wErE a bOY i wouLd drink, smokE.just oncE.
I woUld trY so manY hairstYlEs likE a frEak.
I wouLd bE rOugh, dirtY i would pEE standing up___
I wouLd gEt myself involvEd so manY collEgE fights__
I wOuld havE mY first kiss whEn i am a tEEn.
I nEvEr wouLd havE to worrY abOut waLking in thE nights___
I nEvEr wouLd havE to gEt scarEd of crEEps
I nEvEr nEEd to gEt tEnsEd of travEling alonE.
Nothing wiLL scarE mE
But ___
OnLy if thEre is a sEcond chancE.
OnLy if i waz givEn a choicE to chooSe.

26 11 16 - 11:02:23


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SEcond lifE : Recent Comments

- lostmoon

He he...I too need a second chance...nadannal ellam nallayirunnu

06 12 16-21:46:53

- PixeL_RaiN

Onnu mindathE pokunudO (kickedout) nadakumo ilaYo enu namuk nokamlo (pakiko) @strikEr_1o

27 11 16-11:34:40


(hahaha1) orikkaklum nadakkatha manoharamaya swapnam(hehe) ayyo kashtamayipoyi

26 11 16-11:07:40


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