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My FamiLy by: PixeL_RaiN

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My familY is mY strEngth.
And thEy are mY wEaknEss too.
MY mom
shE nEvEr complainS.
DoEs all thE housEhoLd chorEs at homE.
A grEat cOok.
ThE onE whO undErstands everything.
My dad
Our shEltEr
StrOng enough to facE anYthing.
ThE onE whO finds monEy for mE even if hE maY not havE.
My brothEr.
ThosE sillY fightS and his punchEs
My sis in law.
Advising at thE right timEs
N thEir babY boY.
BabY lil.
HE is a nEw facE (smile)
N mE (haha)
I shouLd givE it a stOp.
My familY :)

26 11 16 - 11:29:50


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My FamiLy : Recent Comments

- PixeL_RaiN

My dad passed away. It feels like no more a family. It hurts a lot. But truth shall be accepted.

11 04 20-23:41:26

- MaNsii

Nice thoughts n well intro of family .. actuall fmily means alot fr every person .. we all should gv respect n affection to every family member .. keep it up

24 02 18-13:01:38

- Bushra

Sounds like the Crood family :D Nice blog. Always trust your family when you have to trust between them and others. Family is good

10 08 17-10:55:27


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