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EmotionaL crEaturE by: PixeL_RaiN

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An EmotiOnaL crEaturE.
That\'s what i am.
I never knEw writing could makE people crY.
But now i experiEncEd.
TEars rollEd down whEn i wrotE a bLog.
It just got too emotionaL.
And i had to takE a brEak .
SomE things hurt likE hEll
Why doEs gOd tEsting each of uS?
WhY there is sadnEss?
I wish if thErE was onLy smilEs, lifE wouLd havE bEEn morE prEttiEr.
BecausE facing hEartbrEaking situations arE unbEarabLE.
It\'s just unbEarablE
ContrOling the tEars arE difficult too.
PeoplE saY bEttEr lEt it go.
But it\'s not EasY.

26 11 16 - 12:09:13


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- PixeL_RaiN

Yeah you arE right and thank you.
But i am a dumb sOul who wiSh fo happiE momEnts.
I hatE sadnEss__i hatE tEars___i hatE dEaths of closEd onEs___it hUrts___n i hatE GEttin hurt__so i waS thinking what wouLd worLd b if thEr wEr no sadnEss. wouldn\'t it b diffErEnt ? N YEh ,thank Yu fo d commEnt again. :)

23 03 17-06:38:54

- MuzdalifaH

Well yeah but if everything go with happly there isn\'t any spive of sadness then there is no real mean of lige no one understand other everyone just got fainted its pert of life its complete the meaning of life ... Nice writen blog

20 03 17-18:20:59


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