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IrrEsponsiblE idiOt by: PixeL_RaiN

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OncE again i provEd mYsElf a failurE.
I am born lazY n will diE lazY too.
But whY did i bEcomE too stubborn?
WhY dont i givE a damn about everything that mattErs?
So rEcEntLy i was givEn thE opportunity to work with a company.
And i didnt takE it sErious.
I wEnt thErE latE.
I tOok so manY lEavEs without informin thEm
N finally thEy complainEd about mE.
And i got a black mark.
I suck everYwEr.
IrrEsponsiblE idiOt

26 11 16 - 12:19:25


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