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And God created Woman by: c0mEdIAn

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It was my lord God who painted
The canvas of this world for you.
He sprinkled diamonds in the ebony of space
To reflect their starlight in your eyes.
He created the birds of the morning
To greet you from your sleep.
He placed the sun in the sky
To light the path before you.
He created the cool breeze
To refresh you from the heat.
He threw the flowers in the fields
To saturate you with their sweetness.
He created the ocean waves
To caress your feet.
He painted the rainbow in the sky
To remind you of His mercy.
Then He breathed life into you
And called you forth.
And called you,
His sweet angel on earth.

26 11 16 - 12:35:42


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And God created Woman : Recent Comments

- QueenOfHisheart

Beautiful blog dear friend. Women are the one of the best creation of God so as man.

28 07 20-22:59:47

- Bushra

I think the creation of woman by God was another blessing of God, just as he created man. Those who consider woman to be the reason of all evil, have my sorry and pity for you. Those who believe in some corrupted and distorted Scriptures that the woman tricked man and/or giving birth is the punishment of God unto women, I feel the same pity for their ignorance too. God says the woman bears the pain because WE lifted her value, reward and role over men in the afterlife. A mother is worth more than 70 times the virtues of a man. God demanded her equal rights, respect and dignity as of men.

12 10 17-12:29:29


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