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Mom\'s fOod by: PixeL_RaiN

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Mom\'s food
ThE bEst
WhY am i praiSing mY mom\'s food is BecausE i havE experiEncE with mEss foood.
EvrydaY i am having mEss foood, and it feels Yuck.
SomEtimEs i wiSh i couLd pukE it out!
ThErE is no tastE.
No lovE in fooood.
Mom\'s foood is purE full of lovE
I miss mom\'s foood now
MEss food sUcks (pakiko)
I shouLd drEam \'bOut mom madE ricE, sambar, n pappadam (gdreaming)

26 11 16 - 01:13:37


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Mom\'s fOod : Recent Comments

- PixeL_RaiN

First oF all thiS pOst aint writtEn bY an indian malE
SEcondLy it iS writtEn bY a woman.(N yEah thatz mE)
StOp misjudgin____
I havE onLy said i miSS mY mom\'s fOod coz i livE in an hostEl.
Dnt blabbEr if u hav nO expEriEncE livin in an hostEl.
I apprEciatE gOod fOod.
OnLy gOod fOood.
Boo to ur thoughts .

18 12 16-11:40:35

- far-away

But I wonder, how the females of current era also following their competetors !

18 12 16-11:26:49

- far-away

This is a common problem with every indian male, that they can not accept food cooked by anyone other than their mother. However, no one approaches to his mother to learn how to cook in mom\'s way, since entering into kitchen seems to insult to their male peacockery ego .. this post reveals how the foolish egoist male are being cheated by their self act. So dont cry for food cooked by mother, rather enter the kitchen to help her in every kind so as to learn about the finest art on this earth\'s crust

18 12 16-11:25:10


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