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When the rain begins to pour
And thunder begins to roar
Oh! How lucky am I
To have my parents by my side
A touch that brings a sense of belongingness
A cares which can heal,
My mother is fo me an idol portraying lots of zeal and love  !
Deep is his voice
That could shatter  the earth
He may look harsh and hard like a mountain
Yet, soft at heart is my father
Together they portray two garden
Masculine and feminine
Both showing love to me
That\\\'s truly genuine
Irreplaceable are they
For none can ever pay
Truly the best parents are mine !!

26 11 16 - 03:28:35


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+ friendlyboy

So lovely blog with such nicely words. All that a kids need as their parents, though different in style but with same motto for all lucky kids of the world.

15 08 20-17:24:31

- zplus98

Yaar maa or baap se acha dost koi nahi. Listen to them they are the best pole star to guide you

19 09 18-21:31:54

- MuzdalifaH

Nice blog i wish its remains ever like this and ends ever like this but sometimes it become bitter too by all of this bitterness rudeness haties i still love you maa jee ab baba jani :)

07 03 17-17:25:44


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