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!!..5 Places you must Visit in Hyderabad..!! by: Nyx__

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1- Golconda :- A very special Round Shaped Hill which Consists of close to 380 steps will make you lose around 3kgs of fat in a day ! You will be very delighted to enjoy the view.. Its historical and make You Lose Your brain while entering into many different ways.. It totally confused you , if you dont follow the guide, you will get lost and never come back !!
2) Charminar :- A famous Monument mosque you will ever cherish.. The administrator of this place has found his beloved bhagmati and wid love he has Created it.. Four Towers will mesmerize you..
3) Hussain Sagar :- It is the lake looks exactly like heart shaped..and it has buddha statue located in between the entire lake ! U can take boat ride to enjoy the view at closer Look !
4) Salar Jung Museum :- Here you can Take a look of all historical artistic achievements/objects by three salar jungs..
5) Birla Mandir :- Its is a temple which is built with all white marble stone and sand stones.. Trust me, it is the most peaceful place you will ever be visiting.. :)

26 11 16 - 03:40:35


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!!..5 Places you must Visit in Hyderabad..!! : Recent Comments

- iftikhan

beeing intrest to go hyd.nice information about hyd in this blog..

12 06 20-13:42:57

- Nemesis

My favorite is Salar Jung Museum. The collection of items there is humongous :)

19 03 18-10:15:49

- agirlhasnoname

Oh i wannted to visit that place so bad.. 3 years ago. Lol.
Someone special lived there

09 03 18-17:26:16

- -RoHaN_RoXxTaR-

Arey kaha ho yaar?
Where are you old friend?
Fill the space for word limit.

24 12 17-08:46:39

- MuzdalifaH

I\'ll surly if i ever visite to India thnx for great informatic blog (gup)

13 03 17-18:29:54

- ArYaNO_

Helpful info ramya. It will surely help to all visitors there. (up)

25 01 17-16:54:27

- QueenOfHisheart

More like a travel guide . it\'s gonna help outsiders to know abt hyd (enchanted)

04 12 16-11:44:05


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