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Money money all the way
People have to this a say
Because every one is at bay
To see big money every day
Who made money !? So loving
The devil it for his liking :p
A human weapon for him trading
He could use it for a teasing :p
God has given us deeds in the hold
Like love,  peace, smile now is a gold:p
And money cannot buy it as an Angel told
So that we could not be kept in the cold
My wish money was not in power
As every one would be flower
Spreading it\'s way at to recover
The worldly things for a cover
Money cannot buy health a reality
Money cannot buy peace a credibility
Money cannot by love a surety
Money thats why never finds stability
The rich owns a luxury rooms
So that can have a zoom 
The poor have a small  broom
Sweeping the dirty room:p
Wish humans were like living creatures
Having no specific life, enjoy endosurs
One could live on happily without any tortures
Eating and playing for real life adventures
Health is wealth are great marks
Giving to the rich heated sparks
Money talks and bullshit walks
Two proverbs making great  talk :p !!!

26 11 16 - 05:07:46


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