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Reading gives you knowledge
Knowledge makes you wise
Now I\'ll tell you a story
Of the Mughals glory
Babur laid the foundation
And Humayun widened it a bit
Akbar became one of  the
Greatest Mughal  king.
While  jahangir ruled the kingdom
On the advice of his wife.
Shahjahan was known as the builder
And built the famous monument
Taj mahal in memory of his wife.
Aurangzeb the last powerful ruler
Who also stands responsible to the decline
Nevertheless the Mughals ruled wisely
Along the Northern lines.

26 11 16 - 06:11:07


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- TechnO-tAndaV

Lol did he really built d taj mahal r he jus seized from d rajputana king jai sing

28 12 16-21:23:58


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