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NEvEr EvEr by: PixeL_RaiN

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My hEad spins
How long shOuld i staY in this quEuE?
It sEEms likE i nEvEr gEt to thE ATM machinE soon
HavE bEEn waiting in thE hot sUn for two hourS.
WhEn onE machinE gEts full, gotta changE thE quEuE.
I am donE.
Y arE wE having this?
Its a good act.
But rEallY do you think about thE situation of pEoplE?
So manY haS lost livEs
It maY sound unbelievable.
But truE
People diEd even by standing in a quEuE .
I praY never do this happens again

26 11 16 - 06:37:35


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NEvEr EvEr : Recent Comments

- PixeL_RaiN

Hello from the future, helohelo :) Yes, That mess was over. But now the whole world is being tortured by a tiny virus. That\'s more terrible now.

05 04 20-01:02:27

- Helohelo

Omg...this sounds terrible.... Hope everything is ok by now.

26 03 17-22:39:35


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