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Your gift by: PixeL_RaiN

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I hatE you
You ChEatEr
How darE you to usE and throw mE awaY?
Was i a disposablE platE?
You hurtEd my shitty hEart which trustEd you.
Which had full of lovE for you
U said you will lovE mE till you diE.
ThosE sugar cOatEd liEs
I bEliEvEd everything
I startEd drEaming of a bEttEr lifE with you.
And you lEft mE
If you had stabbEd it would not havE fElt this much pain
But i cant kill mysElf
I am not juxt mE
I am two now bEcausE of you.

26 11 16 - 07:25:15


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- Crepe

Nice emotional blog. Let\'s burn your X. (supao) I know you have moved on though. Don\'t you worry, you deserve the best person in the universe. (winkygirl)

30 05 17-11:47:55


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