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!!..In the name of My Monstress point of view..!! by: Nyx__

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When they saw me as a poor little girl..
Was not even close to 14 year old..
They started Approaching me wid a little thing..
Which i call is a Dumbest Love feeling..
They saw me when i was scared by mumma..
They knew i was so vulnerable back then..
They took the chance and Acted with me..
Made me think that they actually cared..
Not all at once, but one by one..
Yes, they had a plan together..
I thought they were my guardian angels..
I smiled from the core of my heart..
But later it vanished..
When one of them did such thing..
Which i cannot seem to forget untill now..
Can you believe he took my first kiss by force.?
And do You know how i felt like a hoe..
Yes, I cried and cried untill i crossed 16 years of my life..
Then i came out with fire burning in my eyes..
Instead of crying, I started cursing them..
Sometimes i feel guilty, But not anymore..
Now iam the ONE who STARTED breaking hearts..
They need to know not to mess with a girl Anymore..
Yes i Crushed their hearts and made em call me a hoe for doing so..
And Know what? i DONT care...
Am Proud of Myself And will forever love myself..
Now i reached 19 years of my life..
And the GAME is still On...
You might think am still A lil girl..
But Boys, Dont underEstimate my Maturity !
I have Got lots of brain in which..
I make plans how to play With Ken dolls..
So My Dear Men, Be Careful When i say..
Those three magical words ^I Love You^..
Cause i dont Mean them at all.. (wink)
P.S :- Its Not me in the above blog, Rather my Inner Monstress.. (tehe) SayoNara....!!

26 11 16 - 07:27:54


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!!..In the name of My Monstress point of view..!! : Recent Comments

- Crepe

(supergirl1) Yeah! Curse them with magic! Make them the frog prince and no one will ever kiss them forever.(evilaugh)

06 07 17-06:18:31

- MuzdalifaH

Ahhhh ... Its really do paining ... Its going so common ... Hope this all stopped with lill girls young girls woman they runied many lifes

13 03 17-18:24:55

- TechnO-tAndaV

Driven by the stealth of kiss by that made u inner monster a criminal....

05 01 17-15:47:53


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