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BuriEd undErnEath by: PixeL_RaiN

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BuriEd undErnEath
I hEard noisEs
PEoplE waLking ovEr mE
I am hErE
But nonE sEEmEd to hEar
I fEEl hungrY
I nEEd to comE oUt
I got somE watEr
MaYbE it waS thE rain
QuEnchEd mY thirSt
BodY achEs
BuriEd undErnEath
I fElt wOrms crawLing
All ovEr mE
I wantEd to livE
I wantEd to grOw uP
To bE a big trEE
I am stiLL a littlE

26 11 16 - 09:39:15


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