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Beautiful Nature !! by: UNEXPECTED

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Nature is said to be the paradise on earth
Nature is full of beautiful things
The sky is full of stars
The tress full of leaves
Rain drops on roses, green meadows
The sweet songs of the birds
The roar of the animals and the
Dance of the Peacock
Oh! The breeze,the mist , the dew
The fragrance of the flowers!
The watery rains , the sunny and hot
Summers .
There frozen winters and the lovely springs
Wow! Wht a pretty butterflies and extremely beautiful things!!
Nature helps us in so many ways
But; wht  do we do ?
We cuts out trees,kill animals and clear forests.
When we destroy the paradise on earth
We say no to life, we must raise slogans
And try our best to save the nature! @

26 11 16 - 10:02:36


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