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Pillow by: VintagE_BerriEs

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Dad nEvEr listEns
HE is alwaYs busY with his officE
Dad gets angrY at thE girL
WhEn shE sEEks help for homEwork
HE throws things whEn hE is in a bad mood
ShE fEars.
Mom nEvEr listEns
ShE is only into gossiping, in hEr club mEEtings
ShE finds timE for makE ups
But busY when thE girl sEEks hElp
Mom nEvEr cookS
Never irOns hEr drEss
Never givE any goodnight kissEs
Girl was so alonE
In that big housE
With servants and silEncE
No onE carEd hEr littlE thoughts
Except hEr pillow
It saw hEr tEars
It hEard hEr stOriEs
It huggEd hEr so tight that shE wont fEEl alonE

26 11 16 - 10:04:47


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