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Music they say, so trippy and awesome. All I ever hear is stupid noises with no reason.
EDM and trance and I don\'t even know the rest, what happened to good ol music that were played with keys and strings?
All you ever need now is 4 buttons to make a song add in a few words on repeat and its topping charts along.
What happened to the words that meant and pulled your hearts with immense intent?
Its good that Marley and Elvis and Jackson didn\'t live to see what today has become.
But for crying out loud please stop being a stupid bum!!!

26 11 16 - 11:07:48


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MUSIC OR NOISE ? : Recent Comments

- NekoSenpai

The old glory appeals to the lost generations
But it\'s time for some transformation.
Not that Marley and Elvis can be forgotten.
But stagnation only breeds the rotten.
New is not to replace old
Instead continue the legacy of the gold.
Two generations back the melody to us
Was nothing more than screaming fuss

18 05 19-08:40:03


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