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Welcome Newbies Part 1 by: fa!tH

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Elo Newbies(wavin-hi)Hope this Blog Proves Helpful to You and if you still have Any Doubt Or if Anyone is Harassing you then Do Not Hesitate to Pm me or any Staff Member Online(smile)
^=^If you\\\\\\\'r facing any problem In uploading Your Pics to the Gallery then check if you have enough Plusses, Minimum 500 Plusses Are Required for Uploading Pics and if you Don\'t have Enough plusses For uploading your pics then Either earn them or ask any Staff Member^=^
^=^Weird Looking or vulgar images will Be Deleted and if After being warned one continues to Upload Such pics then Plusses will be Snatched straight away^=^
^Click Here For Help and info Topics( An important Part Of this Blog )^
For Further Queries, Check Out Rock on Info Zone In the Forum Section:)

12 05 10 - 10:33:46


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Welcome Newbies Part 1 : Recent Comments

- MuzdalifaH

Alll newbies rockies join it learn it it may help you :)

07 03 17-17:22:53

- shafaan

V.gud blog, it wl surely help d newbies, aapi ur awsum keep it up..

13 05 10-10:37:27


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