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Life without you - from him to her!! by: UNEXPECTED

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There have been times weve fought and patched back
But everytime that happened I hear a ertain crack
Is it my heart or just my castle break I dont have a clue cuz its everything about you.
Ive never really fallen for someone this hard in life
Babe you\'re my yonder my most belived wife.
Darkness swells upon me creepin like a thief
Everytime youre away Im hit with immense grief.
All I ask from you is not riches or wordly pleasures
But as your beloved husband every minute togethers worth treasures!
I hope you realise someday that this old fool loves and gives all he ever knows
Instead of pinnin and killin him a little everyday with your tiny little bows!!

27 11 16 - 12:10:35


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Life without you - from him to her!! : Recent Comments

- Bushra

Nice and deep poetry, I liked the content of this poetry.

09 10 17-13:51:33


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