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EquaL by: PixeL_RaiN

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WhY thE discrimatiOn?
We arE all EquaL right?
ThEn Y do somE starvE to dEath?
WhY somE arE born blind?
Why somE arE lEft with insEcuritiEs?
Aint we all arE your childrEn
WhY trEating Us diffErEnt?
Aint this worLd for all of Us
WhY lEtting us to fight Each othEr?
WE nEEd your lovE and your carE.
Dont bE partial bEtwEEn Us
You arE thE samE everYwhErE
Dont gEt dividEd somEwhere
I praY for

27 11 16 - 12:15:51


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