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Boring ranTs by: NuttY_MuffiN

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ThErE arE timEs whEn i am borEd to dEath.
I just bitE mY naiLs
Thinking what to do
MostLy i login intO rc
I chat i chat n i chat a lott
And agin whEn this comEs to
ThE stagE of boring
I plaY coc
And thEn again i Eat
Chitchat with roomatEs
ListEn songs
DrEam (gdreaming)
I imaginE charachtErs n livE in thEir worLd
Staring at thE mirrOr
Doing sillY facEs
Taking sElfiEs
Boring makEs mE dumb
Now i am nUmb

27 11 16 - 12:42:48


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- Crepe

Oh! Am I reading a blog for myself? (astound) I feel you! I really really do. So I go back to sleep. (stressed)

27 03 17-10:19:04


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