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I ain\'t faking it by: TechnO-tAndaV

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My maa tOld me always lOok for a dime piece girl
Who can love me like diamonds and pearls
I have been scratching my head and looking around
As hOpe was fading things gOt turnaround
There I find this girl with sOothing jingle
Hey excuse me miss
I know you could be hard tO please
So I better open up my heart
Thing is your so electrifying
You struck me like a kilowatt
And ur smile is crucifying
I Almost got killed by ur smile
I know this all for a worth while
I never thought this could happen
Looking at u my mouth fell open
I made up my mind u will always be my baby bOo
Cos u look gOod on me and the rest depend on you
Here I show my love rather than saying it
Look at the god above I ain\'t no faking it

07 12 16 - 10:03:38


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I ain\'t faking it : Recent Comments

- LiTTle_MermaiD

Nicely written.I enjoy reading it. Good one.

08 12 16-13:09:29

+ QueenOfSilence

A crucifying smile (gthinking) An odd metaphor (up) Nice blog!

08 12 16-01:20:20

- SaPpHirE_

wow (love) you rock buddy (tup) Nice words :)

07 12 16-23:03:56


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