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The HAPPINESS in me by: c0mEdIAn

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As this year comes closer to an end. I reflect on the bad, the good. I think for me this year has been about withering the storm. Losing and finding love all over again. But more then anything finding myself. While i am not exactly where I want to be yet. I do have a destination in sight. I also have the love of my life, my family and hope by my side. While the future is unknown, i am not finding my way anymore, i am making a better way everyday. I have let go of all the overthinking, negativity and doubts. I am stronger, wiser and happier.
Thats the happiness in me
I know I can be crazy. But all the best people are. Im weird and different. And not what I seem sometimes. But you know me better then anyone. The real me. But in trying to understand you I literally almost went crazy.And I know there\'s so much more. But I know what I need to, and I love the you just the way you are, even without understanding everything. If that makes any sense?
Thats the happiness in me

19 12 16 - 03:15:14


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- shiloh

Wow this is so amazing,,thanks 4 the sweet words,

29 03 19-17:58:18

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

Agree with Kelly says:)..Im quietly love as well his writings:)

05 05 17-12:19:11

+ kelly

U are such a great writer, how do u do it? I often ask myself, can someone really be so amazing? Love it

19 12 16-21:44:01


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