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The BEAUTY is in YOU by: c0mEdIAn

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The Mirror does not tell Whos the most Beautiful or fairest of them all. Beauty starts in the heart and head. Beauty is what you feel about yourself. Not what you see in the mirror. The mirrors physical reflection is the worst judge of all.
Ever wondered that why you find yourself beautiful and flawless when you look at the mirror irrespective of the judgement of another person? It is because what you are looking for is in you, not lies with others perspective.
Attractiveness, something changed time by time again. The figure we see in mirrors today; we see flaws, not perfection.
Everyone has something to hide. Something we dont want people to see. If everyone who is afraid could radiate confidence for their looks, Attractiveness will have a new meaning.

21 12 16 - 04:47:27


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- Resilient

Every beauty has a beast within and every beast has a beauty within.

22 12 16-11:52:15


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