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Ma mAa by: TechnO-tAndaV

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I knew I was tough n naughty when u cArried mE on ur foetus
Thou I rOlled n kicked you frOm de womb inside yet u cared me like a lotus
Da pain I gavE u fOr Nine months
The strain u tOok tO make me Born
Da cries I uttered in hunger
It was da love u fed in the nAme of elixir
When I gone thru da days of hard n cold
You kept me warm Wid ur heart of gold
I rolled on my knees
U held me in ur arms and called little mischief
You shooed away the fear of papas scold
You stood beside me very Strongfold
First timE when my heart was broken in love
You stayed along and prayed to god Above
U shaped d pieces of my broken heart
And I remember u told me at a given timE god will bless u with a girl of dimE
You pulled me near and took me in ur arms
You brought back my smiles n charms
You know me better than anyonE
In you I see the hEaven
My blood cells labelled your naMe
Cos its ur blood which runs thru my veins

17 01 17 - 09:56:02


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- MCk3nZi3_R0y4L3

Awesome ! :) She is ur goddess and u her beautiful child !! Keep writing ! Uah skills are amazing !

19 01 17-10:59:12


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