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I would just like to save this thing before I totally change my introduction in my profile.
This was before:
Hello. Its been a while since I was here. I still remember how I met RockChat lol. I have been here cause I was looking for someones attention. A guy who can love me for what and who I am. I do not know. Maybe I was not into *just* friends. I feel empty. I feel incomplete. I take everything seriously thats why I always get hurt here even if its just about my friends. I AM SELFISH. REALLY.
I may be sometimes a humorous person but most of the time I am a drama queen. Either way. (I wont be a queen!) But I love to be more funny than being sad. Anyone can get tired of my dramas but yeah do not worry, I would not mind. I am used to the feeling of being left behind. I just wanna make people happy so they would not know how tragic my life is.
But please, my friends, I hope youll understand how crazy and moody I am for I really am Not Good Nor Bad and Born on 1996 hahaha.
Send me a message, I am not a snobbish gal. Hihi. But I really hate it whenever someone puts me on the seen zone. Whenever I do not get a reply for my PM, I always check my outbox or sent messages to know if the recipient already read my PM. I always get mad whenever I see that they already read it and did not reply. SEENZONED -- I WAS (depressed)
And oh! Do not ever lie to me, it is really hard to gain my trust again.
God bless you. I love my Lord. :3
After is still under construction.
God bless us all. I love re-reading things that ive wrote, how I explain my life before. Thats why I\'m saving it :)

21 01 17 - 08:35:31


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