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Vastu Series II - Understanding Vastu by: stealdude

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There is one slogan: Spirituality is nothing about deeply analyzing the facts of inner soul in short deep analyzing the logic is spirituality. So why, i am always considering the spirituality as science.Because, if we deeply observe, then only we know all the spiritual practices are doing some scientific changes inside the body or outside the environment is the fact. In the same way, as i explained in the previous post, the vastu pursh is not a human being or god kind. it is a natural five element theorem shaped in that format and there is a big logic in it. so, first of all, I make you clear , the vastu pursh is an illusion form and representing the five elements but it represents how humans interacting with five elements. Like how human is utilizing the air, earth, water, fire and sky .Because, after constructing house , human only going to live in that house. So, vastu pursh postures and imagination trying to say what should be there and how the house should be constructed for the better living of the human kind with required prana air, required amount of love and money with other comforts. This life requirement is connected with five element energies and vastu pursh posture has formed.Eight directions are considered in vastu, North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West. The major directions considered are North East, South West, South East and North west. North east is considered as water source called as Esanyia end, South East considered as fire source like Agni end, South west is considered as earth zone where we can keep more weight and North west is the part considered as gaseous part that is Vaayu end.Now, the North East and South West is the main zones in the house. That means North East should be light , South West should be heavily loaded then only the cosmic energies which is coming from the universe received by the earth will flow inside the earth.As you know, the earth is tilted in nature, three fourth of the earth is covered with water, so that cosmic energy can be observed in the sea water. The same level of energy flow to be happen in house also for healthy living. So, in north east part of the house, water sump, water source should be there, it should be light in weight. As the cosmic energy entering here. it is equivalent to nose of the human body. In the same way, south west is heavily loaded, like water tank construction, big pillars constructions can be done there. it is considered as human back. So to bring this identity , vastu pursh was imagined keeping his face on north east, in a completed tilted way, keeping his back on south west , he is sleeping. So vastu pursh representation says, how the house to be constructed to balance the five element energy as well as cosmic energy balance to the human is the key idea. See you soon - STEAL DUDE

23 01 17 - 06:23:31


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