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!!..His Sinful Lust VS My Blisful Love..!! by: Nyx__

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It all started 4 years back..
I was crossing the busy streets..
He was Standing with his bike aside..
When i looked up at him for the first time..
Something awoke in my Entire body..
It was like someone left a trail of electricity..
His eyes, his beautiful Dark eyes..
Ignited the Fire in my womanhood..
I know he will be my Desctruction at last..
It was so new to me so i ignored the passion..
I walked away from him..
Almost an entire week passed..
I didnt get his beautiful features out of my mind..
And atlast he was back after a week..
Yes, at the same place where we met..
I know he is going to crush me..but still..
i took a step forward and asked for his num..
He was so surprised, yet wid a flirtacious smile he gave me..
We talked alot in the nearby cafe..
From that day onwards he treated my like a queen..
But after a few weeks, he ignore me..
I was Only 14 then.. what possible could i know..
That was untill he approached me one day..
And took me farther away, i dunno where..
I never saw the place but it was surrounded by thick tall trees..
i wasnt terrified, i trusted him..
He took the oppertunity and Kissed me..
It was so blissful but forced..
I let go of him and slapped right across his face..
He took me by the arm and dropped me off..
at my home widout a word..
I was Lost in my own world..
That night was the night i didnt sleep a wink..
Since then i never saw him..
Its close to 4 years NOW he is BACK..
To my utter surprise we met again..
Yes, at the same place where we saw eachother..
He changed alot.. he is got manly..
Not only him, but me too.. yes i changed..
But this time he Charged towards me..
He looked me up and down..
Undoing me with his lustful stare..
I didnt squirm.. I flatly looked at him..
He ordered me to Come wid him..
And u know what i did?
Yeah, i showed him the middle finger..
The look on his face was so priceless..
Utter disbelief, and He was choking..
to form his words.. i waited..
But nOthing came off from his sinful lips..
And then i walked off from him..
But the feelings in my heart arose again..
I know i shouldnt be feeling like this..
But i cant control my damn heart..
It was seeking for him..
But i know one thing which am sure of..
He is after me for my body..
and am after him for his heart..
He cannot love any woman..
he only sleeps with them..
he believes in One night stands..
Because he is a Spoiled Rich Kid..
And son of Famous Politics Leader..
He tried Forcing some emotion out of me..
But i never gave them out..
Am good at hiding my feelings..
He knows i already love him..
But he only said he cannot love anyone..
But he said, something is making him want me..
He thought , Sleeping wid me for night..
Could pass away the emotions in him..
BUT i would never give what he want..
He didnt give up on me till NOW..
Its still going on.. Our journey..
And i dont know where this will take us..
Or who will win in this battle of....
Who will win?
Only the Time will Tell..
His Lust OR My Love...

25 01 17 - 10:35:22


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!!..His Sinful Lust VS My Blisful Love..!! : Recent Comments

- Lolita

Infatuation is when you finds somebody who is absolutely perfect.Love is when you realize that they aren\'t and it doesn\'t matter..

09 02 18-18:41:31

- creed

A clear case of a girl expecting love but being viewed as a lustful trophy. A clear divide between expectations and reality. I feel bad for both ... The girl as well as the guy. The guy wasted hai efforts and the girl wasted her feelings. Love , lust or whatever emotion it is ... It needs to be mutual and not one way. I know so many men and women who are married but their hearts are somewhere else.

13 05 17-18:11:41

- shivani1

wow a very sad story.. dont worry keep your hopes alive.. coz people do change :) perfect wordings

14 04 17-14:46:24

- MuzdalifaH

Nice blog .... I hope you win i know you will ... (gup)

13 03 17-18:18:54

- SweTa_kiLLer

Beautiful blog am carried away..reading love and lust are part of life many things are to be concenterated..if this is gonna take ur peace!..Nevr allow anyone to use you as an object! :)

11 03 17-23:27:31

- far-away

Basically thats a old story of life... Death looks for chances to sleep with us just few minutes and we try to keep ourself alive as long as possible ... and we do this throughout the entire life ...

27 01 17-14:44:09

- Helohelo

Ohhh so intense yet it broke my heart too! I really feel wat u r feeling too.. Great one Hotty!!! Muah ! This is so awesome!

26 01 17-09:15:18

- kumarkumar

its really a nice blog hexa. but the girl who loves a boy madly then he must respect her n love her from the heart not from the body or the look its really a damn thing.. if i m there i would love that girl madly from my heart n not from her body. beauty n looks wil go off one day but the heart that remain same alwayz if its true love.. marry the guy if he loves back like u hexa no beauty r body is important only heart n feel shud be same :) nice blog beautifully said :)

25 01 17-12:20:40


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