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Vastu and Eight Directions by: stealdude

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As i told in the vastu, there are eight complete directions to be analyzed. To do this first of all, we need compass. Enter into the construction site then using compass find the directions, North, North East, East, South East, South, West, South West, that using compass find the right directions. Thats why for vastu professionals compass is very important. By looking at the deflection of the needle we can even found out is the place is complete horizontal or vertical whether the plot is good condition or not that it in perfect square or not.Generally, perfect square is considered to be a good plot for house construction. However, even in rectangular or diagonal plots by constructing the houses properly irrespective of the plot site, we can bring vastu effect. so the directions and the plot position is very important. This tasks can be achieved by using compass. The right directions to be found out in the plot after that only, blue plan for the plot to be prepared.This is generally mixed with engineering plan.

27 01 17 - 11:11:29


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