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Vastu and theru kuthu (street points) by: stealdude

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In the vastu dosha..dosha is nothing but there is some imperfections of energy in the house. In the house means, either the water element or the fire element or the air element is not properly balanced is the meaning.when it will happen, if the house is not constructed as per the energy level which is resonating with the five elements this imbalance will happen. there are so many factors contributing for this factors. It may be improper placement of house section. like placing the kitchen ie the agni source in the water element area or placing the water source ie water pump or water sump in the south east section.Actually what is happening here is, the either we are mixing water and fire element that is alternate energy mix to gether results in imbalance. One such imbalance may come,if the street cut the corner if the house or inside the plot just opposite any street running which will create this imbalance.This is called as Dosha this dosha we can call it as theru kuthu nothing but theru means street kuthu means it is falling on the plot side results in heavy dosha issues. thsi kind of theru kuthus will totally alter the energy of the house results in energy balance results in unhappiness in the home

27 01 17 - 11:30:10


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