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If Only! by: Harley_

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If only there was more time to make this rhyme, to give me more days and mend my ways, but there\'s not!
If only life was a game, to play is to gain, and to lose is vane. Then I\'d be the queen and you be the king, why can\'t this work?
If only I could just die now and forget the drama, and all the karma, I just don\'t feel like going through this all over again.
If only we never had to become adults, it\'s such an insult! Throwing you into a harsh world, until you\'re all whirled, choked and hurdled.
If only love lasted forever, an never ending sweet endeavor. But loves comes slow and it goes so fast.
If only money wasn\'t a need, it causes so much greed! Then we could spend our time in wiser ways, instead of wasted days.
If only I could follow my passion, forget about the fashion. I would be living my dream, look at my jet stream!
If only it could just be me and music, with everything else muted. Then I could block everyone out, it would be much easier without a doubt!
If only loved ones would never die, and go to the sky. How I miss them, I wish I could be with them.
If only life gave me the best, and forgot about all the rest! If I could fly and you could be my guy, life would be perfect with no goodbyes.
If only I could solve every problem with my gun, and every issue would just run. I\'d feel the pain, but at least I\'d still be sane.
If only I never had to go home, and I could stay and roam the fields with the soft breeze. How I\'d be set free, and so carefree.

21 02 17 - 10:22:27


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If Only! : Recent Comments

- -RoHaN_RoXxTaR-

Almost two months.
You could\'ve mentioned about this leave.

13 08 17-13:42:37

- -RoHaN_RoXxTaR-

One and a half month.
What are up to Abes?

02 08 17-10:05:04

- maximusdesimes


26 06 17-21:29:41

- -RoHaN_RoXxTaR-

If only I could be such a friend;
Niether of us is going to pretend;
This rhyme could become a trend;
And thus, the spark of happiness will never end.
Wait what? (confused)
Nice blog Abby yo!

04 04 17-09:40:07

- kishoor

present moment is most true...past was a dream...all we need is to wake up....for not our dreams...but for our well wisher dreams about us...
its always NEVER

04 04 17-09:28:53


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