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Im here again to have something for u all to know about me
First of all i want to share that i done that around 16 to 17 of age. It interest me to volunteer because i saw them as early as 4am when i am going to market. So i decided to join them.
I went to the municipality and talked Mr. Mayor about my plan.And he agreed.
My First day is tough. I woke up 2am every morning just to be on time. Sweeping will start at 3am and end at 8am.Every morning we have to sweep where we are assigned to sweep. Its fun at first but as i am about to get along and enjoy it for a week or so, i experience to witness a tricycle and 10 wheeler truck collide. The tricycle driver and his family including a baby died because the tank of the tricycle exploded.
The Sad part of being a volunteer street sweeper are, when its raining and when a dog looked at u like a delicious meal and what to do?
The Happy part of being a volunteer street sweeper is having friends, talked to strangers that are prasing you because of job well done. And after work we have some breakfast waiting in our leaders house :p
Whatever profession your into. Just always remember to be ready to face all the trials that will come in your way. because after all sorrows theres a smile at the end of it. Just enjoy.

05 03 17 - 10:43:56


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- shiloh

Hmmm very good and well done,,keep it up,,,,,

04 04 19-23:33:23

- AthenA

You did great job of being a volunteer street sweeper, if all teens are having like your mind for having a service will to community, this world would be in a better place, nice blog sweety, hope this will inspire teenagers... be proud of it. :)

06 03 17-06:43:27

- AarZuN

true lines jammie (up) all the best and please keep writhing these thoughts (thumbsup)

06 03 17-00:50:47

- KinG

great nice blog dear.. :) you explained well that how can be happy when we are surviving in life when it\'s critical.. keep writing :)

05 03 17-23:45:55

- BadpoisaiN

Thts a great thing. Wha is the most important thing is...
1.The idea Which propped up on ya mind.
2. You brought it forth.
I appreciate ya idea. i respect ya interest.
And thts the great honour that you didnt skipped the chance to helpin ya city/country.

05 03 17-23:19:50

- HoNeY-BoNnY

Nice blog buddy (tooshy) really like it

05 03 17-22:23:42

+ MortalMan

I really loved this blog. You\'re very true! :)

05 03 17-22:00:59

- Wolfman00

wowwww super blog u have write budddy good joobb:)

05 03 17-21:12:06

- wynxmoon

Its true.. Sometimes a simple job can make a bigger difference. Thanks for making people realize that it doesnt matter what job u do, its about how u do it :)

05 03 17-20:29:52

- Heartmessenger

Yeah...nice wrk an epitome fr others

05 03 17-20:19:40

- DASHinG_

Nyce one sabreen wish uh gud luck keep it up :)

05 03 17-19:59:00

- Black_Widow

What a nice blog and thing you do hunni(hug) lovely girl (huggling)

05 03 17-19:33:23

- CooL-HuNk

That\'s well said.. We should enjoy and love whateva work we do.. :)

05 03 17-19:20:35

- the_RK_

Nice Blog And Story
Keep on writing

05 03 17-19:18:51

- sunnyceekay

I really liked ur blog heart touching words Keep it up.....

05 03 17-19:11:34


Vry gud very nice blog, too gud, keep writing, all the best

05 03 17-19:09:42

- Masti

Wow..very nice..very few ppl would volunteer for such a most of them think it is inferior..besides we never see the other side of it like the dangers n problems faced by these workers..which u showed us by this blog..n it is very sad n sorry toh read abt that accident of u have showed the positives n negatives even in these work..n your initiative is very much admirable..not everyone would opt for this..nice blog..(up)

05 03 17-18:32:06

- somusomu

you have nice blog story with moral .i like it much .lol

05 03 17-18:25:55

- somusomu

you have nice blog story with moral .i like it much .lol

05 03 17-18:25:31

- InstaPrince

Nice blog keep up the good work god bless you (clapclap)

05 03 17-18:15:54

- BuLLeT_RaJa

Nice blog with a good morel Sabrina :)

05 03 17-17:45:29

- ALOhA06

wow nice(up)your so helpfull to your community.while other s at your ages they just love to used phone.pixein there selves to empress there nails..taht cant touch anything..but do that thing to help..awesome!!i salute you girl..kept it up!!

05 03 17-17:33:01

- mhyca0209

Any job on the street is very risky due to unexpected circumstances but like other jobs you will learn a lot with it. Salute to all street sweeper.

05 03 17-17:31:52

- N-yctO_-Phili-A

Much of Nice Ever Blog I read it now.!! It\'s Inspiring well with good Motivation. Thanks for the Writing.
I appreciate your work. Keep working and Cleaning up the Brains.. (zhappy) My Well Wishes to you.(greetings)

05 03 17-17:19:17

- ShuNaYa_

Hats off.. Ua blog is very inspirational sis.. It teaches us many things about life.. It really doesn\'t mattr watever profession we r into.. We hv to face all the circumstances

05 03 17-17:09:59

- Helohelo

Wow that is a good thing .. Love it. Love how you wrote it.

05 03 17-17:06:14

- ArYaNO_

Good blog.Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We heard it from nursery but hardly do pay attention.Sweepers work is divine making surroundings clean.

05 03 17-17:02:18

- OneDatGotAway

Nice blog Sabrina very well written keep it up :)

05 03 17-17:00:03

- rabast

u didn\'t know what u just did but to me u just save some lives,bcause there that are not happy but u encourage them.

05 03 17-16:44:24

- DreamyDill

Nice blog. Its showing u r lovly writer. Keep its up. Gud luck

05 03 17-16:28:14

+ Tazzy_The_Devil

Good 1 Jamie keep it up and Goodluck :)

05 03 17-16:05:48


Nice blog.Nice blog.Nice blog.Nice blog.

05 03 17-15:55:22


Inspiring. :p And wow, I never tried to be a street sweeper before cause I know its hard. Ikaw na bes. (haha)

05 03 17-15:46:56

- oleay

Community service is truly an admirable thing especially if in such a young age one recognize its importance. However you seemed to focus on the incidents you faced while working. All of those are situational, they just add to your experiences which gave you lessons and make you tough.

05 03 17-15:46:00

- StrAnGeR

Wow nice blog n it\'s good to be a part of work like this it\'s interesting (tup)

05 03 17-15:31:05

- creed

Being a street sweeper is not a taboo, it is not disgusting and neither is it an inferior form of work. However sections of society think of it as a work that only the lowest creatures should do. Anyways, I will not dwelve into that topic. I like you being bold and talking about those days when you did community services. There was some fun, and there was some tragedy too. Good piece of work!

05 03 17-15:26:14

- agastya07

Nice dear ... keep it up ... it was nice

05 03 17-15:19:52

- GoTchA__

nice blog sabrina the witch (grin) being a street sweeper is not so easy ..sweeping in sidewalk repeatedly like there is no ending.. geezz but still in the end of the day ull be thankful cos there is no accident happened to you ..

05 03 17-14:35:00

- LeniEnt

Lovely blog sabby. I will expect another blog in future by you :)

05 03 17-14:34:25

- Aarush__

very good blog sabri.. :p
keep it up..:)

05 03 17-14:11:56

- bigdog1166

That was an interesting blog and that tells us life is to short and we have to live every moment like it could be our last

05 03 17-13:43:31

- PixeL_RaiN

SabriNa__frOm sUch a YoungEr agE Yu showEd hw hardwrkiN n diffErEnt yu r. Wakin up 5pm itsElf is scarY fo mE. Can\'t even imaginE hw Yu wokE up 2am in d mornin n workEd fo 5 hours (omg) __truly Yur blog iz an inspiratiOn__ :)

05 03 17-13:37:48

- iamtwisted05

Wow you are so nice. It\'s not everyday that a girl would be interested on doing something like that. Hats off on you :)

05 03 17-13:35:44

+ chrissy28

Very nice blog I like it well written :)

05 03 17-13:30:58

- kumarkumar

Nice blog dear u did well on the blog... And good spirit on profession nothin is sad wat we do and doing best is alwayz a best practice of life :)(pat) keep it up

05 03 17-13:28:44

- one1

Nice blog with a great msg..that there r people everywhere who works for improving lifestyles..a respect for every1..(thumsup)

05 03 17-13:16:07

- hlf_blood_princ

Life always teach lessons, its just who understand it understand the way of living ..Nice keep it up and Best wishes from me.

05 03 17-13:13:49

- awyk

Cute. I\'m sorry to hear that you had to experience such a painful experience so young. You wrote about your experience well. Nice one. Take care

05 03 17-12:46:45

- DiAnAmO_-

nice blog ms (up) well written the last part
dosent matter what work u do
jat be loyal to ur work

05 03 17-12:21:14

- crazytipz01

These people.were inspirations for me that no matter how life hits them..stil u can see their smiles all d way until they get home!!Nice blog Jamz..its truely a lesson of contentment n appreciation n small things we hav(love)

05 03 17-12:12:31

- P4y4L

Very nice blog (hug) keep writing ND make good good blog for us love u

05 03 17-11:51:05

- SweTa_kiLLer

Very truly said sabrina! Do what you love and love what you do..i liked ua blog and a good social message!(claps)

05 03 17-11:47:15


Owe great jamy....
Being a volunteer fr sm wrk wch people evn dnt thnk of doin...
N findn hapynes n lesons in it..
Shows dt u r a persn who cn make most of ny thng dt cms around..
Bdw beware of dogs ..i dnt want u to hav injectns(hahaha)

05 03 17-11:44:07


I really liked ur blog ...heart touching blog !! Keep it up keep writing !!

05 03 17-11:41:50

- Eden007

good write up..sweeping 3-8am..?..that\'s legendary.

05 03 17-11:17:40

- Eden007

good write up..sweeping 3-8am..?..that\'s legendary.

05 03 17-11:17:30

- livEwirE

I am still wondering if you really did it in your 16/17...thanks for giving everyone a morning lesson :p do your job well and get praised ...but for what?...just a smile is not enough?... have anyone ever thought on it !

05 03 17-11:16:55

- DynamiC

I think you truly said it all # Sabrina.. ALL the Very best Sabrina;)

05 03 17-11:06:28

- Pi-RAtE

Nice blog ! A good moral from first day is that We should not get scary or worried about ! should Take our life/work enjoying in many circumstances! Well done

05 03 17-11:03:31

- NAviiN

nice Blog it a simple example to how to we be happy in our life survival (up)

05 03 17-10:59:32


ohh thats realy nice blog with heart touching words you did great job all the best (up)

05 03 17-10:51:07


Nice blog Sabrina(hug) .. Keep writing .. And a true lesson u learnt:p

05 03 17-10:49:31


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