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Most of the people wrongly assume that introvert peops are people who don`t like people. Being an introvert doesn`t mean that someone hates to have friends. They are just people who enjoy themselves as their company.
I know someone who is fond of being just by himself. He is not irritated to people`s presence but someone who just keeps ideas within his mind.
Why do you think he became an introvert?
He once live a happy life with a jolly and contented family. Always goes to Church every Sunday with them and very thankful of the blessings he has. Got number of friends. Friends who really love and care for him. Enjoys company of peers, jamming and singing with them, laughing so hard and exposing himself as a crazy guy.
These happy moments went on not until one day he heard shouts from his mom and dad. They argued about his dad`s ex-girlfriend whom he still had communication with. His dad physically abused her mom that day, hurt her with anything that he had touched. That ex-girlfriend is his dad`s mistress who put a lot of stress to their family.
He didn`t know how to handle life without seeing his mom and dad fine with each other. In coldness and silence, he felt too much pain with it. As problems started to ruin their lives his smiles too started to fade away that day. He never told anyone about what situation he had at that moment. He kept it to himself, even tried to suicide. Good thing he realizes how precious life is. But another thing is that he already threw his friends not even considering that they can help him by their companies. He always hoped for the day that his family will still be reunited. Umaasa pa rin sya hanggang ngayon..
I`ve talked to him once and convinced him to let go of the feelings which make him so down. Enjoy life again and accept the fact that there will always be people who will understand him. The fact that only himself can restart his life by formatting his hard disc that contains sad, tragic, and even happy memories he had. After it, make new memories. I even suggested a second option wherein he should face the reality that problems are connected into our lives. Live with the way he wanted his life to be.
I know that he really wants his life back. To have numbers of friends, laugh with them again, cry with them, enjoy crazy things with them, these are the things he wants most in his life. To continue life even though its clear to him that his family can`t be back to the way he wants it to be.
Would you offer your hands with him and start a good friendship?
By the way I got a lot of typos on my blog. He is a girl. So `he` should be `she`. Her name is Nikka. :)
Good day and God bless. (givinsmile)

05 03 17 - 11:13:04


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Meet my Friend : Recent Comments

- wii0

hi nikka... your blog is great. I love it. Never give up... Keep smile...averybody have a second change. :)

27 05 17-10:31:53

- bigdog1166

Everyone deserves a second chance even introvert people

06 03 17-02:04:27

- BadpoisaiN

This blog made me feel tht ...
its all bout YOU VERSUS YOU.
its all bout how weak ya have been
its all bout how strong you are and how strong yo can be!
Nice Blog! All the best XD

06 03 17-00:52:38

- ArYaNO_

Nice blog on introvert people.You changed the idea of how one should look and approach them.

05 03 17-23:13:12

- Pi-RAtE

Nice blog ! Much explaining about the feelings of introvert ;) it means not wrong ! Super descriptive blog nicely done :) I love shaking hands to such introvert person ! I\'ll be there fr you (pat)

05 03 17-21:58:13

- awyk

Hang in there. Hopefully you find your happiness. Take care. Stay safe

05 03 17-21:42:03

- CooL-HuNk

Life is all about chances.. Well I can\'t able to read yellow color words.. Sorry but ur blog is good..

05 03 17-21:08:13

- InstaPrince

Nice blog great work done may good bless u (clapclap)

05 03 17-21:03:57


Yeah second chance must, very nice blog, keep writing, all the best dear

05 03 17-21:01:05


yea i can help am ready to friendship to everyone any way its nice blog

05 03 17-20:56:58

- Shubornolata

rated full.. i am an introverted too. so rated it full 5 marks. lol..

05 03 17-20:48:42


Nice blog.Nice blog.Nice blog.Nice blog.

05 03 17-20:28:27

- kumarkumar

Nice blog dear:) friendship remains same alwayz in all the ages good blog if its ur life story then i cud say u r my best best friend be good n all comes to u (hug) nice one nikka

05 03 17-20:20:54

- StrAnGeR

Beautiful blog offcourse a helping hand is always there (handshake)

05 03 17-20:07:07

- Black_Widow

Nice blog hunni (pat) Wish you good luck with the task (thumbsup)

05 03 17-20:04:42

- OneDatGotAway

Wonderful blog :) very well written keep writtin

05 03 17-19:53:07

- oleay

I had to reread your blog and replaced he with she. I think by writing this blog your one step onward. Keep going

05 03 17-19:52:16

- Masti

Yes introverts also can change if they wish..n they can also have lots of frnds..of course everyone should b given second chance..nice blog..(up)..God bless u.

05 03 17-19:25:59

- SweTa_kiLLer

A nice blog worth reading and all we all sow what we reap..but 2nd chance cannot be denied:)

05 03 17-19:09:18


It interested me thinking that my friend was an introvert before. He doesnt wanna talk to anyone. But I did my best to disturb him. Now were best of friends. The point is, introvert really arent introverts forever. :) (heart)

05 03 17-19:07:18

- one1

Life is all bout second chances.. Dont stop urself to captivate that chance..nice blog..(thumbsup)

05 03 17-17:32:48


When sm one cut away frm world dt doesnt mean dt she dnt want to hav a helpin hand a frnd ..
Nikka.. Drez a frnd waitn fr u...
Strethn her hand to u... Hold it ..n ds cud b a start of our frndshp

05 03 17-12:49:15

+ crazytipz01

Everybody deserves second why not give a hand for those in need!:)..

05 03 17-12:35:17


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