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By the moment she was entering the classroom with a beautiful smile on her face like a glowing sunshine that cud even make a depressed one to forget about his worries
I was just wanted her around me.looking at her I just filled myself with her fully.The beauty of love is to look and see that love,what I feel for her ,and the way I feel for her,and that is why Im in love with her.The biggest crush in the world for me ,i dont know how I felt that she was getting more beautiful everyday I see her.when I talked to her first ,I had no words,what kept me so stunned huh,I started loving her company more than anything,i remember those beautiful days we spent bunking the classes,the eastern river bank which we were spending our most of the time,I just kept listening to her,I just always wanted to tell her how much I loved her,when she turned to 16 there was another person who was more happier than her,we had no secrets left btwn us,I thanked the God whenever I cud,i dont knw weather she loved me or not but Im sure she loved my company ,when she didnt came to the classes for a week it were the hardest days for me to pass, wait, a week,what happened,I didnt even know where she lives,the bus driver had no clue about it.A month passed and she didnt return,two months huh are you kidding me what is that taking her so long why,no no negetive thoughts,I will wait for her,days went on at least how many days I can spend in those places we were used to be recalling the memory,didnt she liked the school,uh but what about me,I was just in her memories untill one of her friend gave me her address,whoa,I ran I cudnt wait I ran so fast,her home was nice,her mom told that shez in,I walked in controlling my excitement yes I remember,and..huh,shez not her,wait,is that her,sht sht shot,why,why her,why she was taken,why she was drugged and used,why.her charm was completely drowned that she looked like half dead,no way,I just came back,I dont know how much of tears flowed down my eyes,no I cant forget it,no,sometimes I wanted to torture brutally the devils who were responsible for this,why I see her beautiful face while I close my eyes,its just happened its life,why it cant be happend as I predicted,it took me time to understand life is ten percent what happens and ninty percent how you react to it,only I can change my life,no one can do it for me,I just kept the hope whatever gonna happen its gonna happen good,its gonna be alright,its done,hope is a good thing and no good thing in the world ever dies,thats what I installed in me,as iv thought days passed she was taken to abroad and I heard she is living happily now,I dont knw im in her memories or not
but I cant forget that girl,who came in my life like a sunshine and vanished like a summer rain
Dear judges I just wanted to express it here.pardon if I made it little emotional.
Thats it!

05 03 17 - 11:16:43


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A Girl : Recent Comments

- wii0 dramatic story... never give up. take and get it flow (no1)

29 05 17-02:41:38

- Pi-RAtE

Short lived love tale I can say ! May be your Love was gone but just keep the Memories of her in your life (pat) That makes you live ! Seeing her living happily atleast you did that to her ! Nice blog indeed :)

05 03 17-21:36:39

- wynxmoon

Thats just wrong?.. Wat happened? did u really just left her? Lol.. Is this a true story or not?

05 03 17-20:40:06

- Masti

Yes its an emotional one..but at least u know she is living just have to forget some things r beyond our control..wish u best of luck..(up)

05 03 17-19:53:00

- oleay

This is a sad, gut wrenching yet a beautiful story of survival. I was amazed by your story telling skills. Nicely done!!

05 03 17-19:29:26

- Black_Widow

Wow such a good blog, well written dear(thumbsup)

05 03 17-19:24:02

- one1

nice try ..(pat) keep it going..(claps)

05 03 17-19:20:39

- X_NyMpHAdoRA_X

you are such a good writer :v wow I\'m impressed

05 03 17-19:18:20

- CooL_HimanshU

u did far so well writting nicely my be inspiration for all youth....

05 03 17-18:43:45

- AthenA

Well, things happen in life are mostly surprising. But it sad when one of that surprises will break, but life always goes on, and you can. make better than before when you choose it to be. However, at least she still alive, and don\'t worry everything will passes by... even your feelings.

05 03 17-18:43:31

- hoesaintloyal

nice creation...i like creativity more grease to ur pen nd thumb..(tup)who is the mystery girl..

05 03 17-18:30:28

- MySt3RiOuS_SaRa

Hmmmm nice blog or fact can say but it can be avoided when we accept the fact that we cant harm ourselfs has this lyf is priceless

05 03 17-18:30:02

- MuzdalifaH

Awww.... Nice blog cant have words but the only thing m sure you are also in still in her memories ...

05 03 17-17:14:12

- MuzdalifaH

Awww.... Nice blog cant have words but the only thing m sure you are also in still in here memories ...

05 03 17-17:13:58

- Helohelo getting scared after reading this. Well... I will do something about such criminals!

05 03 17-17:04:57

- Tazzy_The_Devil

A strong emotional blog, A good read! Nice work sharing (up)

05 03 17-16:57:39

- ArYaNO_

Drug addicts culprits eh. They should be punished severly.One side theirs addiction other side your affection. Even humanity sucks (damn2)

05 03 17-16:41:39

- DivinE

So would you dare to fall in love once again? Good Luck!

05 03 17-16:20:45

- creed

Good blog, but I feel that the inspiration for the same has been a stolen one.

05 03 17-16:08:00

- xOxO-sTaR

very nice keep it up sir...!!(thumbsup)

05 03 17-15:57:46

- StrAnGeR

Nice story bit emotional but really
Good (tup)

05 03 17-15:44:39

+ crazytipz01

Tragedy! But look at the bright side..for the memories u s as the love..jus kip goin dear:)..

05 03 17-15:39:39


Yup life is unpredictable it has many twist n turns n v ll shd accept det reality whethe v want it or not!!

05 03 17-13:30:20


I didnt knew you have a dramatic nerve with you. Good job!

05 03 17-13:09:39

- SweTa_kiLLer

Jawstruck after reading yourblog(shame)but a personal advice dont fall in love! Waste of time and energy lol but your writing style indeed needs an oscar(claps) kudos to you!

05 03 17-12:37:05


true love Alaways fail because i know very well in my life experiance

05 03 17-12:02:21

- livEwirE

Usually I have always something to say but I do not know what to say on it. Such craps should be punished like anything every time when it happens, be it anywhere.

05 03 17-11:43:27


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