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Absence of feelings by: ForestDweller

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They say ,\"you\'ve to be a lover to create love song\"
But I didn\'t have any idea about
myself being single how long!
Excuse me if i said something wrong.
Maybe i don\'t have my emotion that strong.
Still i wished to fall in love for the sake of creating it.
Thus i proposed a girl who was walking down the street!
All she could reply was\" Are you a joker or a guy who doesn\'t know how to treat?
Excuse me for i\'m a dimwit
I thought \"this is how people meet\"
I realized that the love is not in the air
as it\'s not something that\'s found everywhere!
I didn\'t have enough time to set the Thames on fire.
So i moved to a matrimonial office to give my bio-data and phone no. over there.
And a year passed like a running hare.
Ding dang!
I know it sounds like a door bell but this is how my phone rang!
I was so happy because for me, it was not just a call but the voice of people who care..
the voice of people who care..
As soon as i received the call,I could hear nothing but the voice of that robotic customer care...
that robotic customer care..

12 03 17 - 05:22:46


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Absence of feelings : Recent Comments

- imusika

You dont need to run to left your number ..
Giving to somebody without in a hurry..
Waiting for a year just to get some care..
Im giving you my three Care Bears ..
Keep it till you get love that never fail.. :)
Hahaha. Nice blog!! Thank you.. It really makes me smile.. :) I thought it was a serious one hahahaha

19 02 19-19:51:28

- ForestDweller

Thanks buddies for your comments buddies @D_3nchantress,@muzalfa @ helohelo @ muse_temptation

19 03 17-17:34:57

- MuzdalifaH

Hahahaha..... Nice blog must say (hehe) hope you find your mate soon lol so you can also receive call from a human rather then a robot (gup) kerp it up good one

13 03 17-18:01:58

- Helohelo

Haha!! It is so cute yet the ultimate reality of today. Love hw u rhyme and hw you made it funny!(wow)(tup0)

13 03 17-07:18:48

- mUs3_t3mPt4tioN

I wanna drop something quite different blog comment....

Love no need to find/search anywhere nor everywhere even down the street...
If we created on a hurry moment,appearance of broken hearted we may get and feel the heartache.
Dont be bothered for single so long..
Coz learning is a life long process before we get the real solution:)
Being single yeah it feel sucks coz lonely nor so bored...
But not at all in relation wont feel being alone..

Love is just like a gamble...
If we are in love , we do not know if we will win to get love back to achieve so called status engaged or in relation...
Dont be in hurry..
True love worth it to wait even it took so long:)
I adore your mind creativity as well as the way you emphasized your emotion(no1)
Keep writing....mostly single can write a lot coz they are always inspired:p

12 03 17-20:28:33


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