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Its For You !! Yeah For You Baba Jani by: MuzdalifaH

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Today I\\\\\\\'m going to share it will all ... Who really don\\\\\\\'t know it till now ...
Its for my dad I just read a blog of hellohello she is brave that she explain express her she her sorrows her emotions in that beautiful way may be I can\\\\\\\'t ....
This is for my dad ... Yeah Dad its for you ... I\\\\\\\'m not that good for you I was always bitter with you after that big nusty bad inccident of my life ... I always blame you and mother ... But I knew it you both never do it intentionaly but I need someone to rush out my all frustration . . .
Dad you took me out from that trance from that taroma I know you never ever so concern in front of me but you weeped alot in silence when you were alone you couldnt bare my pains you were so worried for me you wanna took out me from that pain .. I know dad i know I could saw your health which was going down gradually down I saw all your worries but I was selfish at that point I could saw it but I ignored . . .
I give you alot of pains I always thought that you both were behind my ruined life my sorrows ..... But I know that was my luck its hard to understand it at that point ...
Dad you always gave me courage strength you helped to to get my confidence back you help to to stand me back you helped me to fight back you helped to prove that I was not wrong that was not all of my fault you helped me to struggled back to show the world that how much strong how much focused am I ... Dad its was not me it was you who showed them ... Yeah dad it was you . . .
I never say you after that incident that Baba jani I Love You Alot I never hug you if you ever tried I just step back so strickly but today I wanna Say you Baba Jani I Love You thank you for every thing you did for me ..
But you always said me \\\\\\\"mano billi you always come so late \\\\\\\" yeah Dad you were so right I always come so late so I do today too . .
No one every know that you are not here with us any more so long but I always dont wanna dare to say that you are . . . . . .
Dad you now I always come to ypur grave nah its not grave Dad its a place you choose live to left me alone . . . I always tried to call you i weeped there i shout there but you are always so silent you don\\\\\\\'t reply me once . . I know am so bad I ever hurted you , blamed you Dad I\\\'m late again Dad I\\\'m always bad to express that you now na m so bad I always hide what I feel i always hide my feelings my emotions my love .. dad you know all . . .
I still remember that night in hospital you took my hands in your chest you put you head on my lap and say don\\\\\\\'t worry I know you weeped alot I\\\\\\\'m going to a better place dont be sad dont cry again and you left us in my arms on my laps but Dad . . . .
Dad you know it too that m so bad at it I always disobey you so I do it again and again again again and again in whole day you know I weeped alot in any corner where no one can see me because you know m so bad in expressing Dad . .
But today infront of all I strongly admit I Love You Alot Alot Alot . . . I\\\\\\\'m Sorry really sorry so sorry . . Dad please once talk to me say you accept my apology just once .. I also wanna come to you please take me with you the place the better place please please please please please . . . I begg I begg !!!

15 03 17 - 10:58:21


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Its For You !! Yeah For You Baba Jani : Recent Comments


parents re everything to us on earth,we should love them nd appreciate them for who they are nd for all they have done for us,it is very sad to lose any of them,nice blog(thanku)

29 03 17-19:58:04

- Helohelo

....I cried all over again...after reading your blog. I can understand wat you must have been thru....

28 03 17-08:22:22

- creed

It requires guts to admit your faults and more so even publicly. For whatever may have happened, it is but a past. Forget it, forgive people - move ahead in life. Do not blame destiny for it, do not blame others, nor your destiny. Things happened, they are done and dusted. Look ahead for a great life. Cherish your fathers memories. If you cry, you would do injustice to the braveness that he put up for you. You should feel inspired by him. Take control of your life, and move it towards happiness. Based on your thought process, I believe you are not so old. You can always gain positives in life, after all you are the architect of your own destiny.

26 03 17-21:14:51

- H34rtless

The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.

22 03 17-00:41:32

- Black_Widow

That\'s so sad hunni, (hug) hes watching and will be proud of you(pat)

19 03 17-18:58:27

- MortalMan

It is really an emotional blog, I\'m sorry to know that he\'s no more. May his soul rest in peace! No matter what we think about our parents, they never stop caring for us till the end.

17 03 17-14:17:18

- kingfkashmir

Realy emotional(tearsh)(tissue) hope and pray ur love(love2) last eternal and may allah keep u all happy

17 03 17-09:31:34


Parents ki keemat unke jaane ke baad he pta chalti hai..Aaj Mai free life mai hoo koi bandish nahi but some where i also want koi mujhe ushi tarh toke jaise kabhi meri maa mujhe rokti the kuch karne se. Ab papa ki pitayi ka dar nahi hai but unki pitayi se sheekhi hui baate aaj bhi sahi or galt mai diffrent karna shikhati hai.. Parents are soo imp in life yeh baate der mai he samgh aati hai..Miss You Maa And Papa (love)(love)(love)

16 03 17-20:06:34

- QueenOfHisheart

This is very touching and it reminds me abt my loving dad.

16 03 17-19:01:26

- SweTa_kiLLer

Was so expressive and left my eyes with tears(cry)..but truth is sometimes sad that we should accept it as such and it doesnt matter how hurting it could be! But its true that we never realize the worth of things when they are near us(hug)Dont worry hes mixed up in everything you Do now and Feel Him in everything whatever you do..It will be a success(smile04) always and be Happy!

16 03 17-18:05:21

- MK__

We do know that they\'ll love us no matter what! Parents are so special!

16 03 17-17:28:20

- Nyx__

Dont worry my dear, he will be watching yOu from up above ! And thanks alot for sharing it with us ! Appreciate it.. He knows u are the best ! and we too (hug)

16 03 17-16:52:23

- GangStA

parents are the someone when the whole world leaves u, only your parents will always be there to hold u in what ever condition/situation u will be...all those peoples are so lucky who having there parents alive wid them...they are live shelter and we never came to know there importance until...we lose them...

15 03 17-23:47:25


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