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Post that`s Nver Been Posted - For MMRC 2017 by: CivilAnneGineer

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Never did I expect that I will be the title holder for this year`s Mr. and Miss RockChat (MMRC 2017). (yay) I was just online two days before the last day of registration for it and I got a PM from the host of the event. (no_notme) He explained that it is not about love game so I have been interested about it too. Then I end up signing myself as a participant. :)
I got all the dramas before I started this game. This helped me forget those things, helped me know myself more, helped me build foundations of friendship, helped me build myself, helped me know myself more, helped me build myself HAHAHAHA. Again and again and especially made my heart weak because of the tasks. (ras) Life isn`t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -George Bernard Shaw
The Toughest Task for Me
It`s the smiley contest. (gbandhead) I made the smiley story whilr they were frozen. (sing) Let it goo let it gooooo. HAHA! They were not moving on opera mini. I just knew it was moving when I switched to chrome for the live task. (ras) As for the live task, yes it killed many of the participants. (imdead)
The Host: (ghosto)
(ghoststar): (gmad)
I am really sorry for always making you mad with my questions on every task. Thank you for patiently hosting this event. :) You gave lots of efforts on this event which is really a successful one. As I have said, you can now relax. (rockon) Thank you so much!
I know a lot of RC members are still shocked on the results. (dnt_belive) Even I am shocked too, good and bad snatcher. (girlinjail) I felt happy but sad. But yeah, this is a game wherein lots of gals and guys want to grab the title. Ate, sorry I took it waaaa. But I know we all enjoyed it. (sisos)
Unforgettable Task - Nick Racing
I practiced on the practice area. (lol2) I put short names, mostly of active users. But I strategized on something on the real race. There is no rule saying that we are not able to use nicks that are inactive for a long time. So I looked for nicks that are easy to type. HAHAHAHAHA! (haha2) Lots of RC members laughed at what I did. Yah, I found it crazy too. Silly but witty. And now it looks like that I`ll be changing my nick again. Lol.
I am really thanking everyone who has been a part of my journey in this event. The host, hi sir!, the judges who patiently read every articles made by the competitors, my co-players congrats to us guys we are still alive after every chest pain we felt lol and to their friends who supported them and also me. (cheerleader3) Thanks to everyone! We all did a great job. (tup) (gup) (clappy2)
Special mentions to the following:
* Ate palangga, YoursTrulyBella, you`re so great too! You also deserve the title. Thank you din po ah. Supeeeeer! Congats din :D
* Ate (crazytipz01), super thank you po. When I felt down on the popularity task you cheered me up that made me fight and still continue every task. Salamaaaat!
* Kuya Jhay, hungry_birdie thanks for.. For what nga ba? Thank you basta! And to SaPpHirE_ uy thank you ah! :D
* LuCk ME, congrats! You are good but dont be too boastful. HAHAHAHAHAHA! (ras)
* TrEMenDOus, thanks for believing on me on the task in which we were a pair :) you were good on every task you did.
* BadpoisaiN, thanks dude! :) thanks for pushing me. Lol
* fasade5, thanks for being my lucky charm! (foreheadkiss)
* ghoststar, thanks for inviting me to join this event if its not because of you I wont have that 50k plusses. (ras) Thanks again and again!
I may forget to mention the nicks of other people who helped me in this journey but your deeds will never be forgotten. THANK YOU!
I was always at the bottom in every task but never been eliminated. I am really thankful for that. I never expected that I`ll grab this title. (no_notme) So to the upcoming challengers next year, I say you should make lots of friends now lol, try to make plusses, (gbouncing) have great fast fingers, (gup) be more creative, be more of a writer and a reader, (gabc) and have a healthy heart before next year`s MMRC (gwarmup) AAAAAND! Enjoy every task given to you. (genjoying) Play good, play harder! (ggoodluck)
With the plusses I will get, I can now marry 10 guys here! (ras)
LASTLY, I WANNA APPLY AS A JUDGE NEXT YEAR!(ras)(ras)(ras)(ras)(ras)(ras)(ras)(ras)(ras) TO WHOM WILL I SEND MY CREDENTIALS? HAHAHAHA. (haha2) I am looking forward! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

23 03 17 - 01:49:37


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Post that`s Nver Been Posted - For MMRC 2017 : Recent Comments

- Calypso

You can be a judge. I have given you permission. Just hide this message from Livey. (hehe) Congrats! Marry 100 guys, as you wish! (wink)

23 03 17-02:11:04


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